About First Carolina Mortgage
First Carolina Mortgage was founded in Greensboro, NC as a
mortgage banker-broker. It's founder and current president,
Wayne Hardister, has worked in the banking industry for over
30 years. As a mortgage banker-broker, we have a distinct
advantage over traditional banking. We have the flexibility of
programs to choose from to fit your needs. This is, as you can
see, very advantageous to you.

We are a great choice for the mortgage needs of you, your
family, co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Our experience
and long-standing relationships with local and regional
businesses make us a leader in mortgage lending.

We have the utmost confidence that we can tend to your
needs now as well as in the future. Our wide diversification of
programs make First Carolina Mortgage a dream come true.

We are here to render quality mortgage information promptly
and professionally in a friendly atmosphere. We will do those
things to merit your trust and confidence in us. Thanks for
visiting this web site, and we hope to hear from you soon!
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